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Form generation

show mini-application from simple class Person + applicative rule : deductions/n3_nojs/person-app.n3p

EG project : person-app.n3p

What is in this demo :

Forward chaining rule engine :

What the rule base does:


  1. record the purely audio preamble with audio recorder : gnome-sound-recorder
  2. for a background , record 2 images : , EulerGUI minimal download
  3. start EulerGUI minimal
    LANG=en egm &
  4. start recordmydesktop with the whole laptop screen
  5. spoken demo
  6. save as webm
  7. open in vlc to see the image size
  8. create a project in pitivi movie editor with that same image size
  9. in pitivi add the audio preamble, the 2 static images, the video part
    pitivi -i -a eulergui_mini_intro.ogg eulergui_sf_net.png eulergui_sf_net_eg_mini.png eg_minimal.webm-2.ogv eg_minimal.webm-3.ogv &
  10. save as webm
  11. upload in youtube