EulerGUI started as a GUI for the Euler/SEM/EYE reasoning engine, and still is. The sources can be N3 (Notation 3), RDF, or OWL, UML, eCore, plain XML, XML Schema, files or URL's, SPARQL queries. Internally everything is expressed in the convergence language N3, that allows to express facts, classes and properties, and rules. It is becoming a lightweight IDE for Artificial Intelligence. It is under LGPL license.

The EulerGUI Manual covers all aspects : install, usage, links, development, architecture . Latest User Manual from Subversion.

The EulerGUI Sourceforce project page .


Euler GUI is effective for developping and testing projects composed of N3, OWL, RDF(S) and UML ontologies and databases, with rules in N3 logic. One can launch 4 reasoning engines: Euler proof engine , CWM , FuXi and Drools; show Graphviz graph, generate Javascript+Java code.

Euler GUI

Blog of the main developer of the project.